Vessel naming

  • Albanov, Valerian
    Albanov, Valerian

    A polar researcher and a navigator on Georgy Brusilov's famous expedition.

  • Bakaev, Viktor
    Bakaev, Viktor

    The Minister for Merchant Marine of the USSR in 1954-1970 and the author of several influential books on maritime fleet operations. 

  • Barents Willem
    Barents Willem

    Dutch navigator who has led several Arctic expeditions in search for a northeast passage from Europe to Asia, discovering the Svalbard archipelago and exploring the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

  • Bering, Vitus Jonassen
    Bering, Vitus Jonassen

    A distinguished navigator and explorer who led two Kamchatka Expeditions and found the strait between Asia and North America later named after him.

  • Chernysh, Pavel
    Chernysh, Pavel
    President of Primorsk Shipping Company from 1978 to 1991
  • Chirikov, Aleksey
    Chirikov, Aleksey

    Together with Vitus Bering, Aleksey Chirikov was the first Russian to reach the northwestern coast of North America.

  • de Margerie, Christophe
    de Margerie, Christophe

    President and Chairman of Total who greatly contributed to the development of Russo-French economic ties.

  • Dinkov, Vasily
    Dinkov, Vasily

    The Minister of the Gas Industry of the USSR in 1985-1989 and the Minister of the Oil Industry of the USSR in 1985-1989.

  • Farkhutdinov, Igor
    Farkhutdinov, Igor

    The Governor of the Sakhalin Region from 1995 to 2003.

  • Gotsky, Mikhail
    Gotsky, Mikhail

    A legendary shipmaster, who participated in ice convoys along the Northern Sea Route during the World War II and later wrote a fundamental book on ice navigation, for which he was granted the doctorate in geography. 

  • Guzhenko, Timofey
    Guzhenko, Timofey

    The Minister for Merchant Marine of the USSR and one of the founders of Sovcomflot.

  • Kolodkin, Anatoly
    Kolodkin, Anatoly

    An outstanding Russian lawyer specializing in maritime law, a judge at the UN International Tribunal for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (Hamburg), and member of the International Court of Justice (the Hague).

  • Konetsky, Victor
    Konetsky, Victor

    A warship seamen, a shipmaster, a prominent writer and a scriptwriter.

  • Kostichev, Valentin
    Kostichev, Valentin

    The first person to navigate a large-capacity tanker to the port of Pevek in Arctic conditions (1969). Over 31 years working as a shipmaster, he made a great contribution to training fleet personnel.

  • Kosygin, Aleksey
    Kosygin, Aleksey

    A prominent statesman who headed the USSR Council of Ministers for more than 15 years and strived to reform the country’s economy by decentralizing of the planning system and strengthening the independence of Russian enterprises.

  • la Pérouse, Jean-François
    la Pérouse, Jean-François

    A prominent French explorer of the Pacific. His name was given to the strait between the islands of Sakhalin and Hokkaido, connecting the Sea of Okhotsk with the Sea of Japan.

  • Lavrov, Kirill
    Lavrov, Kirill

    An actor of the Leningrad Bolshoy Drammatichesky Theatre and later its artistic director.

  • Lazarev, Mikhail
    Lazarev, Mikhail
    A prominent Russian admiral and a pioneering explorer known for his discovery of Antarctica
  • Makarov, Stepan
    Makarov, Stepan

    An admiral and a polar explorer who introduced the idea of using icebreakers to explore the Arctic Ocean and designed the first-ever Arctic icebreaker Ermak.

  • Malygin, Stepan
    Malygin, Stepan

    One of the first Russian Arctic explorers, who helped describe a significant portion of the Arctic coast and authored the first Russian-language navigation guide.