Maintaining Russia’s cultural, historical and spiritual heritage


Russian America

Since 2012 PAO Sovcomflot, in partnership with OAO Transneft and the Chevron Corporation, has supported the Russian geographical society initiative “Russian America – 200 years of Fort Ross”, a historical memorial to the heritage of Russian culture in the United States of America.

Fort Ross is a former Russian settlement and fortress on the coast of Northern California, 80km to the north of San Francisco. It was founded in 1812. It is now a historical park in California State.

The fort’s original structure, now recognised as a place of nationally significant value, is the house of the last Russian governor, Rotchev. Sovcomflot Group was one of the sponsors of a documentary film about Fort Ross’s history, present and future, which was met with positive reviews in Russia and abroad.

The Fort Ross project receives constant support from SCF Group.

Meetings of parties to Arctic Convoys

PAO Sovcomflot offers constant support to meetings of the British and Russian veterans who participated in the Arctic Convoys. These gatherings take place during Victory Day commemorations on board the legendary cruiser the HMS Belfast – one of the last remaining ships that defended the Arctic Convoys during the Second World War. The project “Victory Day – London” is dedicated to these Convoys, and symbolises the joining of forces between the British Royal Navy and the Naval Forces of the Soviet Union, who made an inestimable contribution to the war against fascism.

*The Polar (Arctic) Convoys set off from Great Britain and the United States, arriving in the northernmost ports of the USSR, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. Over the four years of the War around 1400 trading ships were involved in them. 85 commercial vessels and 16 warships were lost as the result of attacks from the German Air Force and Navy.

Statue of Yuri Gagarin in Greenwich

In 2013 Sovcomflot Group became one of the sponsors of the statue of Yuri Gagarin at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich – the notional border between the eastern and western hemispheres. Elena Gagarina, the daughter of the great cosmonaut and the director of the museums at the Moscow Kremlin, was a guest of honour at the opening ceremony, as well as the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom Mr Aleksandr Yakobenko, representatives of Roscosmos, and members of the British royal family.