Guzhenko, Timofey Borisovich


Timofey Guzhenko – a State figure, the USSR Minister of Merchant Marine (1970 –  1986), the Hero of Socialist Labour, one of the founders of the Sovcomflot  Group. He was born on 15 February 1918. Timofey Guzhenko graduated from the  Institute of Merchant Fleet Engineers in Odessa in 1942, and then graduated from  the Leningrad Maritime Academy. He worked in the commercial port of Murmansk  during the Second World War. After the war he worked in consecutive order, as a  Director of the ports of Kholmsk, Korsakov and the Sakhalin Shipping Company.  Starting from 1966 he worked as the First Deputy Minister of the USSR Merchant  Marine, and then starting from 1970 – as the USSR Minister of Merchant Marine.  He held this position till October 1986.

As a man and the industry  leader, Timofey Guzhenko had a tremendous capacity for work, dedication,  willpower, determination and strategic thinking. All these qualities allowed him  to become a top professional in shipping and a successful State executive – the  top manager of an important sector of the national economy. It is the name of T.  Guzhenko which is connected with turning the merchant fleet into a leading  branch of the Soviet economy, absorbing the best technical ideas, the latest  scientific achievements aimed at the development of the fleet’s material and  technical basis and at the integrated development of the infrastructure,  applying new approach to arranging maritime transport operation. While the  Western countries followed the policy of protectionism in the international  shipping, the signing of a number of bilateral inter-governmental agreements on  maritime shipping was a real breakthrough at that time, which allowed the  national commercial fleet to participate in the international carriage of cargos  on equal terms.

Timofey Guzhenko contributed a lot to the development of  the Arctic Region and the Arctic shipping. On 17 August 1977 an expedition on  board the nuclear ice-breaker “Arctica” led by T.Guzhenko reached the North Pole  for the first time in the history of mankind on board the surface vessel. After  the successful voyage of the ice-breaker “Arctica” the results were analysed and  the work began to arrange early navigation in the Arctic seas. The year-round  navigation was established in the regions with maximum cargo traffic, such as  the ports of Dudinka, Igarka and Anadyr. Timofey Guzhenko was awarded the Order  of Lenin and the golden medal of “Hammer and Sickle”.

One of the Arctic  shuttle tankers of 70 000 dwt and of enhanced ice-class, designed for seaborne  transportation of oil from the Varandey oil field situated above the polar  circle was named after Timofey Guzhenko. While designing such a tanker the most  advanced and unique technical solutions were applied which makes it possible to  operate effectively in the Arctic seas year-round. All the Arctic shuttle  tankers owned by the Sovcomflot (SCF) Group are registered in the Russian  International Register of Shipping, the port of registration being St.  Petersburg, and are flying the flag of the Russian Federation. The tanker  “Timofey Guzhenko” was delivered to the owner on 24 February 2009 and is to  start regular voyages carrying crude oil from the Varandey terminal to the port  of Murmansk in spring 2009.