Kolodkin, Anatoly Lazarevich


Anatoly Lazarevich Kolodkin (1928 – 2011) – outstanding Russian lawyer and  specialist in maritime law, doctor of legal sciences, professor of Moscow State  Law Academy, judge at the UN International Tribunal for Ocean Affairs and the  Law of the Sea (Hamburg), and member of the International Court of Justice (in  The Hague).


Anatoly Kolodkin dedicated most of  this life to maritime transportation and international maritime law; becoming an  established representative of the USSR, and then Russia, at various  international organisations. Kolodkin’s scientific works in the field of  international maritime law have been published in many countries around the  world.

Anatoly Kolodkin is an Honoured  Scientist of the Russian Federation and was awarded the Order of Honour and the  Order of Friendship.

The LR II class product carrier  built at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering shipyard was named after  Anatoly Kolodkin. The vessel complies with all existing international and  Russian standards of navigation safety and environmental protection. The ship’s  cargo system allows simultaneous transportation and pumping of three different  types of fuels in 12 cargo tanks, including crude oil and dark-oil products.