SCF Management Services (Dubai) Ltd.

The primary importance of safety and quality is the main principle for the technical management of the SCF fleet.

The fleet of the Group is managed through the network of its technical management subsidiaries in key geographical areas. This network is centrally governed by SCF Management Services (Dubai) Ltd, headquartered in United Arab Emirates, with branch offices located in:

  • Limassol, Cyprus: SCF Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd;
  • Novorossiysk, Russia: SCF Management Services (Novorossiysk) Ltd;
  • St. Petersburg, Russia: SCF Management Services (St. Petersburg) Ltd;
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia: SCF Management Services (St. Petersburg) Ltd, subdivision in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Within this structure, two companies are designated DOC (Document of Compliance) holders:

  • SCF Management Services (Dubai) Ltd for Foreign Flag ships;
  • SCF Management Services (St. Petersburg) Ltd for Russian Flag ships.

The company manages Sovcomflot’s own and chartered vessels, and also provides services to other shipping companies.

SCF Management Services (Dubai) Ltd. branch offices act in accordance with unified principles, based on Sovcomflot Group’s integrated safety management system. Technical maintenance of vessels is undertaken by highly-qualified specialists, with vast managerial experience in this sphere.

Principles of technical management of the SCF fleet:

  • Safety culture – the priority for offshore staff and office personnel alike;
  • Highly-qualified ship crews and office staff; a united team of professionals;
  • Adherence of the fleet not only to existing, but also to drafted Russian and international industrial requirements;
  • Permanent readiness to respond to emergency situations;
  • Openness, honesty and transparency, including in evaluation of operational results.

The technical manager of SCF Group:

  • Organises the operations of the fleet in any part of any ocean worldwide; manages the technical condition of ships; carries out repairs and upgrades; undertakes maintenance of equipment;
  • Provides engineering support to new projects; oversees the construction of vessels;
  • Arranges the surveying of vessels by classification agencies and other regulatory bodies;
  • Renders the full spectrum of crewing services, including crew designation and organisation of shifts, retraining of seafarers and inspections of compliance with job descriptions; organises medical clearances and compliance with the regulations of professional unions;
  • Carries out investigations into accidents and operational damage on vessels, and design measures for their prevention;
  • Supplies replacement parts as required;
  • Manages insurance claims that arise during the course of ship operations – insuring ship hulls, machines and mechanisms, and also shipping companies’ liability to third parties;
  • Forms a budget for operational expenditure and control its implementation;
  • Organises loading and bunkerage; cooperates with agents, cargo shippers and charterers; manages the registration and receipt of freight.